Client: Nike Inc.

Project: Site Calendar

The Nike Site Calendar, christened CARL, allows the Nike global team to plan the campaigns, promotions and product launches across the globe. Nike uses the tool tp plan out campaigns as far as three seasons in the future, with the ability to synchronize with sporting events and determining team workload. Carl is used across US, Europe and Asia.

Client: Toshiba Inc.

Project: Asset Integration Management

• Integrated digital delivery of media and information right in the interactive Retail Style Guide
• Update and unify multiple outdated workflows and publishing methods
• Make valuable assets easier to locate and deploy
• Repeated COMPANY distribution tasks are documented and repeated
• Faster delivery of media assets and custom versions of content
• Retailers who self-serve get a cleaner easier experience

Client: Nike Inc

Project: Emerging Markets Portal

Nike is the leading footwear and apparel player in the emerging markets. And part of the reason behind it is the strong branding and creative force behind their products. The emerging market portal allows Nike to connect with their partners across emerging markets to deliver a consistent brand story.
In India, ecomm retailers like Jabong and Myntra leverage this tools delivery to present a strong Nike brand presence on their sites.

Client: Bansri Joaillerie

Project: Inventory and Supply Management

Bansri Joaillerie is leading Jewellery designer with markets spanning US, Europe and India. They faced a big problem in handling the digital assets as well as integrating with various points in their supply chain.
Thats where our tool, nick name DAM, short for Digital Asset Management, kicked in. With the help of DAM the team at Bansri Joaillerie was able to streamline and centralize their process as well as generating a macro view of their business satus.
DAM is used for every step in the process including inventory management, dispatches, damaged goods management, barcode generation, customer invoicing and analytical reporting

Client: Nike Inc

Project: Brand Asset Portal

Nike is the leading footwear and apparel company in the US. Part of the reason behind it is the strong branding and creative force behind their products. The Nike Asset Portal allows Nike to connect with their partners across ecom and retail to deliver a consistent brand story.

Client: 24 Productions

Project: Product Tour Platform

This tool enabled manufacturers to connects retailers and consumers with engaging and educational merchandising content that converts shoppers to buyers
A Product Tour is a rich experience about a product that can be presented as an additional pop-up window or inline on a product page. This content gives shoppers a mini educational experience by simply clicking a button on a retailers’ product page.

Client: Nike Inc

Project: Realtime Capacity Planning

Nike needed a systematic way for planning and determining the workload on their creative team. Enter our tool, nicknamed lineup.

• Centralized Data: Aggregate collected data into database, instead of excel files.
• Real-time analysis & dashboard. Significantly reduce or eliminate roll-up analysis.
• Elevate decision-making with respect to design resources.
• Reduce/eliminate data aggregation and analysis.